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Nuru Massage London

Imagine the scenario where you are lying on a comfortable massage table and enjoying a massage. You are all in the nude and your masseuse is too; wouldn’t it be a thrilling moment?

The system of a nuru massage reveres the body and mind like no other method of massage. It has every recipe for immense pleasure. Researchers have accumulated the secrets of a nuru massage over many years in Asia. The main difference with nuru massage is a gel made out of seaweed is used to rub the nude bodies of both the receiver as well as the giver of the massage.

Firstly, you begin with a hot bath or a shower to cleanse your body. Your senses are heightened in anticipation. A pair of nimble hands of our exotic masseuse slides all over your body. The masseuse spreads the nuru gel gently over your whole body. She begins to delicately slide her sexy body, matching every part of yours. Every part is caressed and pressed and glided over.

An ecstatic prickle begins to explode in your thighs, chest and muscles. The bombs of riveting and tingling and the awareness of life force boom in your body systematically. You feel the curvaceous hardening of your muscles. The stiffening and rocking pulsation, you had almost forgotten begins to slide all over you. A gradual sensual feeling starts flowing inside your body and you feel as light as a dove.

The nuru gel used in a nuru massage, instead of the usual massage oil has certain special properties. It is odourless. It is non-sticky and non-greasy. It is specially designed to lubricate every pore of your body, so that you can experience sensual pleasure of a kind that you have not experienced before.

Our masseuse will help you experience erotic pleasure which is one-of-a-kind and which will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and invigorated. This kind of feeling will bring you back to our lovely masseuse time and again and we are very confident we will see you again for a return visit to our nuru massage London parlour.