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Tantric Massage in London

As the name of our agency might suggest we are specialists in Tantric massage therapy. One of the things that does separate us from some the competition in London though is the quality of the masseuses that we have at Planet Tantric. The only way to reach this standard is through many years of training in tantra, which is what we insist upon for all our ladies at Planet.

The thing is with authentic tantric massage is that when it is carried out following the tantra principles it can really have some deep and meaningful effects on body and mind., taking clients to places they have never been to before from a spiritual perspective
What makes Tantric Massage different?

Tantric is a completely different concept to lots of other massages that you will opf heard about and the reason being is that it thought of more as something that connects the different parts of the body together consisting of body, mind and spirit as opposed to things such as Swedish or Sports massage which are literally focused on the physical form.

It is this higher element that defines tantric massage as something different to others. The central premise of tantra is to allow energy to freely and smoothly flow through the body. It is through energy flow not being restricted and blockages being freed up and bypassed that we can achieve calm and enlightenment in the spiritual self.

Many people associate tantra massage with tantric sex, but this is really people that are not really aware about the philosophies of tantra and how it all works. Sure we can say that their will be some arousal and sexual pleasure in many tantric experiences but this truly is not the intended goal of the therapy but more of a nice welcome side effect!

People that learn to embrace the philosophy and really strart to live by the various principles that it entails can really open up new gateways to themselves in how at peace with themselves they become and you they can be very in touch with their sexual side which many manage to take to whole new levels and extremes that they probably didn’t know were possible

Why would Tantra Help me?

There are many guys that secretly have issues with poor performance in the bedroom, as they might get slightly over excited or worse still don’t have the feeling for it. Much of this is actually in the mind and can be overcome through Tantra. Your masseuse will in essence teach you how to truly make your mind clear and focused, leading to you to deeper states of relaxation than you have experienced and it is through achieving calm that one can learn to take it easy in a sexual environment with focused thought and slow breathing.

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